Jesus & Mohammad

Jesus & Muhammad
Michael Medley
January 30, 2011
Dennis Sifuentes

Both the Christian and Muslim religion is based upon the belief that God is almighty and that He created everyone and everything in the world. Neither religion has any contradictions when it comes to this concept, however; they do have their own beliefs when it comes to the last prophet and the Son of God. Both Jesus and Mohammad were instrumental with bringing Gods people together. Through their visions and teachings both the Christian and Islamic religions have grown to serve as the most popular faiths to worship in today’s society.
The Prophet Mohammad was born sometime in 570 CE to a wealthy powerful man, although his parents were well off Mohammad wasn’t because in his tribe if you were born after your father died you wouldn’t be able to inherit their wealth. Soon after his father passed his mother and grandfather soon followed which left Mohammad to be raised by his uncle. When he was a teenager a Christian monk identified marks on his body that declared him to be a prophet. When Muhammad was just in his twenties he worked for a beautiful, wealthy, intelligent older woman named Khadijah, who later married Muhammad when he was twenty five. Over the next fifteen years He struggled with who He was and what was His role here on earth.
Muhammad had a way of going off by himself to think and one day while He was alone an angel named Gabriel came to Him and told Him that He was to recite a new message to the world. “He initially kept this message private among his closest relatives; three years later, however, they would persuade him to carry his recitation to a wider audience. These recitations, which Muhammad would later come to consider to be the voice of an intermediary of God, would form the heart and soul of Islam: the Qur'an, or "Recitation." (Hooker, 1996. Para 1)
Muhammad was considered the role model of the Islamic faith, the way he lived His life was a blueprint...