Jesus and Muhammad

Assignment: Jesus and Muhammad Paper

    Miraculous things that have occurred in our world have been through many mediums, and one of those mediums has been people. There are many people who have made differences in this world. There are also many religions that have had people in which the followers of the religion follow. Three of those religions consist of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although the focus is on Christianity and Islam, these three religions play important roles. However, two people have changed the world in a great way. These two people are Jesus and Muhammad.
    Jesus and Muhammad have shaped the lives of people all over the world. From the very beginnings of their relationships with G-d, to their relationships with people, they have shown great respect toward their beliefs and their cultures. Although there are many different viewpoints toward some detail of the lives of these leaders, there is accuracy many do not wish to accept. These accuracies have been shown throughout history and they have been proven true.
    History has shown its footprint in every way. History has been shown in religions, as well as through its followers. However, most importantly, history form religions have been written in the texts of that religion, therefore writing and creating history, while allowing history to be traced.
    Jesus was a man born with a destiny. G-d himself sent Jesus, His son, to be born from a young woman who was found right before G-d. Jesus’ life would ultimately lead Him to the ultimate sacrifice for the atonement of sin. Jesus’ historically marked life was always preparing him for His death. Jesus’ real name is Yeshua, and He was born around 6B.C. in a town called Bethlehem, or Beit’lechem. He was born around a time in which many Jewish people in Israel were looking for their promised Messiah, the Anointed One that the Hebrew Prophets always spoke about (god resources). One of the angels―Gabriel― from heaven was sent by...