Jesus and Mohammad

Jesus and Muhammad shared the similarity that they had many followers that looked up to them.   Although there are some similarities there are many differences between the two. The biggest difference would be the fact that Muhammad had led attacks against others. He used his power to try to gain political control. Where Jesus was the opposite and believed in turning the other cheek.
      Muhammad had many followers but there are no stories of him performing miracles as Jesus did, and he is not worshipped like the son of God. There are many that still hold him in high regard as a prophet but they know that he is only human and that he never claimed to have any powers. Below is a timeline of the most important times in Muhammad’s life.
500 CE - Birth of Muhammad
550 CE - Muhammad’s "year of sorrows" Lost his wife and uncle his biggest supporters
622 CE - Hijrah or migration of Muslims to Medina from Mecca
630 CE - Muhammad returned to Mecca
632 CE - Muhammad dies
      Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary but after his birth there is no documentation of his life until later on.   During his lifetime it is recorded that Jesus performed many miracles such as turning water into wine and turning a couple of loaves of bread and some fish into a feast for many. He also healed the sick and cast out demons. Perhaps the biggest difference between Muhammad and Jesus would be the fact that Jesus loved and did not believe in fighting for anything. His love and healing powers attracted many along the way that needed his help.
    The biggest sacrifice that Jesus made was to be crucified and die for everyone’s sins. After he was killed the tomb where his body was placed was found empty and the stone removed from in front of the door. His resurrection might be the biggest of all of his miracles and made his followers believe that he was God in the form of man. Below is the timeline of the life of Jesus.

4 BCE - Jesus was born
9 CE - Jesus...