Investigate and Describe the Avenues You Would Use to Advertise the Service.

2.   Investigate and describe the avenues you would use to advertise the service.

Local radio station- I would make enquires to the local radio station to see how much it would cost to advertise what’s going on at the centre on a daily basis morning and afternoon. Or maybe on a weekly basis depending on the cost. The local radio station is a good way of reaching a wide range of different people from different backgrounds.

Local newspaper- I would make enquires to see how much it would cost to put an A5 advert in. That is catchy and has the centres details on it. That will catch people’s attention, that will make them think about coming to the centre to see what we are all about and what we do.

Free local newspaper- I would make enquires to see if they have any room to an advert in which is A5. This would be beneficial to the centre because the paper is free and does not cost anything to put adverts in. The advert would have to be catchy with the centre details on it.

Poster - I would use posters to advertise the centre in places such as health centres, libraries, shopping centres, supermarkets, all theses places have families going into to them. The things to think about are that posters are low cost if the centre does them. The poster will be A4 size and will be brightly coloured with details of the centre on it. So that it catches people eyes.

Social media- I would set up a social media page on the following sites Facebook   as it is widely used by so many different people from different backgrounds. There are 8oo+ million users which some may be looking for day care centre, if they are they see our page then they might think we will go and give it a try.
I would set up a twitter account. It is the best way to get people to follow the centre. As there is 250 million tweets per day. On the site people can type in what they are looking for in their area and it will give them a list of what places are nearer to them. If one of their...