Reflective Review: Mandatory Unit M2.01


Effective Team Leaders understand their roles, function and responsibilities; and the limits of their authority and accountability. They also know how to seek, accept and respond positively to feedback on personal performance to improve their workplace performance.

You do not need to be leading a team in order to complete this Reflective Review.

You should where possible, use your own workplace as the basis of this Reflective Review; but you may use another team within the organisation or another organisation as your focus if you have experience elsewhere that is relevant.

You might expect to complete this task in around 300 words – the expected range is 250-500 words

Please check your assignment carefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria.

Please use the headings below for this Reflective Review | Assessment criteria |
BackgroundVery briefly identify your organisation, what it does, and your role within it | This aspect is not assessed but is designed to help the assessor understand the context of the information you provide throughout the remainder of the Reflective review |
Responsibilities of a team leader   * Describe 4 responsibilities of a team leader and your HEI   * Give 2 examples of problems you would need, as a team leader to refer to someone with more authority(min 10 marks required from 30 available) |     * Four responsibilities of a team leader are described   * Two examples of problems they would need to refer to someone with more authority are given |
Feedback on own performance   * Collect feedback on your own performance in a work-related situation and use it to identify 1 of your strengths which could help you to be an effective team leader and 1 area for improvement(min 7 marks required from 20 available) |     * Feedback on own performance is used to identify one strength & one area for improvement |
Establishing trust   * Describe 1...