Dtlls Assessment Using Itl

Assessment using ILT


Petty (2009, p392) describes ILT as ‘ICT being used to assist learning, or to assist an educational institution.’ In my workplace this could be anything from using a VLE in a college to being able to check current enrolments electronically on the college’s intranet. Petty (2009, p392) also states differences in terminology to better explain where ILT develops from. ‘Information technology (IT) is the computer connected to search the internet or send emails etc. This can also include digital cameras, video cameras etc.’ So Information Learning Technology (ILT) is the inclusion of students learning with ICT.
One of the key features of ILT is the need for everyone to become competent in using IT in every aspect of life. From booking holidays, buying and listening to music or buying and selling goods. So already when learners come into a college environment they will have had various experiences with IT. The Office for National Statistics states that 77% of households now have internet access which allows further education to take the opportunity to build this into learning as much as possible.
‘ICT and ILT can help students to find out a lot about how their work is going through computer based packages, enabling them to check through their knowledge in the comfort of privacy.’ (Race, et al., 2005) This is incorporated in the use of systems like pro mark book at college which allow students to access grades and feedback that the assessor has posted on there. This is a useful tool in assessing learning as students have access to their feedback when they want it and can track their progress.   Assessment is defined by the Department of education (2009) as ‘the ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidence to make informed and consistent judgements to improve future student learning.’ So Systems such as pro mark book ensure this information to be easily assessable to students as well as having their feedback and...