Evaluate the Marketing Techniques, Research and Analysis Used by One of Your Selected Organisation and Make Original Recommendation for Improvement.

Evaluate the marketing techniques, research and analysis used by one of your selected organisation and make original recommendation for improvement.


In the following task I am going to provide detailed evaluation of the marketing techniques, research and analysis used by Tesco to make original recommendations for improvement.

Marketing concept
Marketing concept is a concept based on focusing your business on customers. Tesco can use this concept as it puts customers first and at the centre of the businesses decisions making and planning. Tesco can use different concepts such as:

Production concept – This concept concentrates on production and distribution economies.

Selling concept – This concept is based on the notion that customers need to be persuaded to buy through aggressive selling and promotion.

Product concept – This concept has been adopted by organisations which believe that their products is the most innovative on the market, is of top quality and brimming with special features.

Marketing concept - This concept is based on the idea that organisations best meet their objectives by concentrating on customer needs and satisfying those needs better than their competitors.

Source: BTEC national business book 1 I 2nd edition


At the start of a development or a major decision within the Tesco’s marketing department they do not always consider their customers needs however they always end considering customers rather than expenses etc to remain profitable in the future. For example, Tesco could successfully develop a new product which has a high demand in its early stages of life however it will not last forever and therefore they need to develop this product to make it better and bring it back to the market again to increase demand.
The marketing concept seems like a sensible way for Tesco to follow because many organisations experience many difficulties trying to maintain their commitment to their...