Interclean Career Development Plan

Now that InterClean has established their training and mentoring program, it is time to implement the Career Management Plan.   This plan consists of giving employees feedback and incentives for high performance, opportunities for advancement and flexibility, and ways to handle diversity.   We will also explain how we will make the plan work, despite having no budget.

Feedback is simply information that describes the employee’s effectiveness at his or her job (Kacmar, Wayne, Wright, 2009).   It is necessary for learning purposes, but also for employee motivation (Cascio, 2006).   InterClean, Inc. will use the Balanced Scorecard appraisal approach, which includes financials, customer surveys, feedback on internal processes, and employee growth (J. Prowse; P. Prowse, 2009).   Each employee will receive formal, written feedback quarterly.   Verbal feedback will be given as needed.   It is important that constructive feedback is given in a timely manner to encourage good habits and increase productivity.   Managers will focus on the skills and actions that are done correctly, while still pointing out weaknesses and areas of improvement.  

The sales associate will meet with Jim Martin for an appraisal interview.   The employee may acknowledge his or her weak areas.   Jim will assign a mentor or training program to help the employee improve.   They will set goals to be able to judge improvement.   The employee will be re-evaluated within 30 days to see if further training or mentorship is needed.   The employee may disagree with the manager’s assessment.   In the event that this happens, he or she is able to appeal.   The affected employee may request a peer review in such cases.   There will be a section on the feedback form where the employee can place comments.   Each finalized form must be acknowledged and signed by the employee.

InterClean promotes...