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Career Development Plan Part II

Training and Mentoring Program


Kristina Brockman

University of Phoenix

Career Development Plan Part II:   Training and Mentoring Program

    The reorganization of InterClean has allowed for several in-house promotions. The new sales team will need to be trained on the tools they will need in order to have success out in the sales field.   InterClean is taking their company in a new direction. The new sales team will be paired with mentors that will assist them as they learn about the new direction the company has decided to pursue.
    There are five new members on the sales team. Four of them are employees from EnviroTech and one is a continuing employee from InterClean. They are all familiar with the industry and have been working in this industry for a total of 51 years between them.   As you can see, there is a lot of valuable experience between all five employees.   Tom Gonzalez and Eric Borden have great leadership abilities and expertise in the solutions-based products that InterClean is pursuing. One of the new employees has great sales experience and is quite experienced in accomplishing goals. Susan Burnt and Terry Garcia have great customer service skills and Ving Hsu has experience as a customer trainer for our products. All of the employees have some knowledge in a variety of areas that would be beneficial to InterClean’s sales team. They could all benefit from training and mentoring that would enhance the skills that they already possess (InterClean – EnviroTech Employee Profiles).
Training and Mentoring
      InterClean management is committed to training and development in the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry.   These two components are part of our culture here at InterClean, and we believe that the way to fulfill this commitment is to provide training for our current as well as for future employees.   For this reason, we have decided to...