Interclean Career Development Plan Part 1

On February 22nd, David Spencer, president, announced that InterClean Inc. has acquired EnviroTech, one of our major domestic competitors in the corporate market. This is a terrific opportunity for InterClean to expand its operations and specifically for our southwestern sales team to expand its skills and career opportunities in the health care full-service cleaning solutions industry.   Our company’s ability to attract and train the best people will help to ensure our success in the long term.
In order for InterClean to succeed with this expansion, management has asked the sales team to conduct a job analysis for the salesperson positions at InterClean. A job analysis is the process of gathering and analyzing information about jobs to clarify responsibilities and qualifications (Teratanavat, Raitano & Kliener, 2006). The result of the job analysis is a job description, an overall written summary of task requirements, and a job specification, an overall written summary of task requirements.
Because we are anxious to get the sales team started, we will be using two methods of analysis in combination to define the salesperson position. The first method is continuous observation.   Observation provides direct exposure to jobs that can develop a richer, deeper understanding of the job requirements than a workers’ description of the job. The current sales manager will accompany several of the salespeople on sales calls to observe and document the sales process. The second method is interviews. This method can provide insight into the job that might not be available from other sources.
The main job duties and specifications for the sales positions in the new sales department are:
1) New sales generation – Research and create targeted new client lists for the given territory
2) Customer service – The candidate must be able to customize packages and systems for new and current clients. Must be able to make decisions quickly and proficiently to meet the needs of these...