Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan Part II Training and Mentoring
InterClean has now merged with EnviroTech and as a result, has taken on a new strategic direction.   Inter Clean does not only sell cleaning products, the company has now branch out to sell full service cleaning solutions for the organization in the health care industry. With taking on new responsibility, InterClean was able to hire a new sales team and develop a new working plan that will help with the strategy of the new sales department (University of Phoenix, 2009).
        Management team was able to develop a workforce plan to match closely with the demand of the sales team.   To meet these demands management will have to set up training for the new sales team. Before management can   set training he must first decided what are the training and mentoring needs, discover the objectives of the training and mentoring program, decide what are the performance standards, delivery methods, the content for training and mentoring, time frame, evaluation methods, feedback, and alternate avenues for the sales team who need further development. Management team will now decided on what training is in need for the sales team.
      Management team had to determine the training needs of the sales department based on the job qualifications. The team knew this training had to align with the   company‚Äôs new merger and what was require for the new sales position for both merging companies. Management had to make sure the sales team was more knowledgeable about emerging issues in sanitation environmental regulations of cleaning and cleaning systems, and OSHA standards. Sales will need to understand legal environmental, safety ethical and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settings, Finally, the sales team will have to develop customized packages of cleaning solutions and systems-not just a patch work of tools and services that include products and process that meet the customer...