Career Development Plan Intraclean

Career Development Plan
The reorganization of IntraClean has made it necessary to promote internal sales employees to different positions, and hire new sales employees from EnvironTech.   As you know, our management team is dedicated to the training and development of employees.   The organization is moving in a new direction, therefore, it will be necessary for the sales team to be trained and mentored for their new job responsibilities.   The mentors will assist the new hires to make the move into their new roles, and ensure that their training is aligned with goals of the new organization.   In this document, I will discuss training objectives, the mentoring program, review performance standards, training delivery methods, training content, and time frame for training, and training evaluation.  
IntraClean has acquired four new team members from EnvironTech, and one IntraClean veteran.   There is 51 years of experience combined with the five members; therefore there is quite a bit of experience and knowledge of the industry to be had.   However, because of our new direction, employees can still benefit from mentoring and training.   The objective of the training is to help raise sales and increase market channel presentation, and grow referral based sales as well as receive training on how to communicate directly with facilities managers, operational executives, and health care professionals.   Employees will also go through customer service training because no customer is the same; each customer is different depending on the region, country, state, or culture.   Training in the area of OSHA requirements, environmental standards and regulations, and sanitation requirements are detrimental to the success of the new direction of IntraClean.   The new sales team will train extensively in communications and sales.  
Mentoring provides a chance for successful individuals to share knowledge and to advise employees. This interactive mechanism will not only increase the skills...