Information Systems Proposal

Information Systems Proposal
Kevin Calabaza

Technology implementations in small businesses have helped develop the awareness in how technology can increase profits, efficiency, consistency, cost savings, and accountability.   The information system acquisition proposal will cover five systems available for the business for acquisition and a summary on how each system can help the business as well as isolate draw backs that can hinder business operations.  

(Figure 1 - Three level pyramid model based on the type of decisions taken at different levels in the organization. n.d.)
Transaction Processing Systems

Transaction Processing Systems will automate the business transitions from consumers, employees, and vendors.   An order processing system can thrive in an Internet environment where it can generate revenues for the company through Internet sales.   Accounts payable can benefit from a system that sends invoices electronically to consumers that is cost effective.   A time clock system will be another type that can improve employee attendance recording, check processing, tax payments, and record keeping.   Collection and maintaining the data in the system is important for future business decisions based on historical data that can be obtained in a matter of minutes from the system.  
Drawbacks to the system are
• Security and hardware flaws may be vulnerable because of excessive traffic and data from consumers on the system.  
• The system must be able to handle the amount of traffic going through the system to ensure the system is working properly.  
• Some of the traffic may be malicious where people may be trying to obtain confidential information about the consumers and the business.  
Office Information Systems

Office Information Systems (OIC) is designed for daily operational activities for the employees, managers, and owners of the business.   This system offers a multitude of services that...