Information Systems and Software Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications
Stephanie Brown
University of Phoenix
BIS 219
Praveen Andrews
June 4, 2010

Information Systems and Software Applications
Today’s organization depends on the functioning method of technology known as the use of computers and its informational systems.   The past implementation of information systems was to improve the efficiency manner within the functions of a business.   Currently it is a vital tool used to assist in obtaining competitive advantage within the organization.
The informational system consists of hardware, software, and communications.   This platform supports processing and managing of gathered information of all departments within the organization.   Data accuracy and consistency is important to the current status and external influences (economy, government policy and technology advance) within the business.  
Within the organization the following departments human resources, Finance and the Executive Management staff works in a collaborative manner as each department reviews the data, as a process in assisting with the decision making process of the daily business operation.
Human Resources data has high value to the organization.   The data collected and reviewed consist of recruiting, hiring procedures, employees’ data, implementation and editing of regulations, guidelines, code of conduct, and ethics. In addition employees receive organizational information in an efficient and faster method.   The summarized foundation of human resources is employer regulatory compliance, planning, and accessibility of employee information. The human resources department primary function is...