Business Information Systems Proposal

Business Information Systems Proposal
Timothy Frost
August 14, 2012
Rob Fisher

Table of Contents

Table of Contents         2

Introduction       3-4
Information Systems Overview         5

  * Information Systems       5-6  
  * Information Systems Advantages and Disadvantages                                           7-8    

Everyone’s Favorite Records Business Proposal
This is a business proposal representative of Everyone’s Favorite Records; a startup for a small brick & mortar record company based in Tampa, Florida.   The purpose of this proposal is to highlight several information systems that will be incorporated so as to simply and organize its operations, their uses, and the benefits and drawbacks for implementing these systems.  

Information Systems, used in every business today from private to public as well as government organizations are necessary to every company’s operations.   They are the processes for organizing and streamlining operations using software, hardware, and networking technology.     Information Systems are important and without them companies cannot function.   They allow information to be sent and receive through different channels and for the input and output of data originating from multiple geographical locations simultaneously.   These functions enable proper control and managing of various operations within an organization.   Many of these systems operate from either a CPU or within an organization’s network server.   In today’s global economy many companies utilize several of these information systems and many of these systems are interdependent upon other systems so as to efficiently operate.   Following is an overview of several information systems that will be integrated in the operations for...