Accounting Information Systems

This briefing on accounting information systems (AIS) will discuss the process of improving the AIS for Kudler Fine Foods. The use of industry-specific software will help improve the payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and inventory processes.   It will touch on the opportunities for expanding system environments to show how reporting capabilities enable, manage, and help the system better perform to demonstrate clearly its value to the business.   Flowcharts for each of the four systems will show how a process could ideally function with the new AIS.   The proposed AIS will support better operations and will provide better financial data for improving management’s decision making at Kudler Food

Automated Process of Accounting Information Systems
This brief on accounting information systems (AIS) discusses why Kudler Fine Foods should purchase an industry-specific software instead of developing a customized software.   The recommended automation, enhancement and maintenance schedules of the AIS supported by flowcharts will show the flow of data into and from each of the four accounting systems – accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and inventory.   Finally, the incorporation of the new software to the existing accounting information systems will add value to the accounting operations of Kudler Fine Foods.
Rationale Behind the Recommended Course of Action
As the company continues to expand, a need to invest in technology arises. Technology can increase the productivity of management tasks to provide more time to focus on strengthening customer relations.   We recommend the purchase of industry-specific software to save time and money, and reduce mistakes. Doing so also increases the efficiency of operations by simplifying and reducing the time required to evaluate, buy, and implement manufacturing solutions.   Finally, technology will help the company concentrate on its goals to grow and remain competitive in today's global marketplace....