Automated Process of Accounting Information Systems

Industry Specific Software
Because Kudler has experienced significant growth, is focusing on expanding services, and striving to improve the efficiency of its operations, a thorough review of its current accounting information systems and prioritization of four key areas is recommended in this order:   inventory management, payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.   Purchase of industry specific software will assist Kudler in reducing costs, improving efficiency, and maintaining controls as these upgrades are implemented.   Toward achieving the goals of integrating and automating the various accounting related activities, we recommend that Kudler Fine Foods adapt Cougar Mountain accounting software.  
Rationale and Analysis  
An essential component of creating success within Kudler’s accounting systems is prioritization of three process activities developed around the four identified areas of focus listed above.
Automation –creating a more efficient process and reducing the man-hours required in Kudler’s chief areas of concern, leverages management time and allows Kudler to focus on its core function of retail sales.   Most pivotal of the four areas is redesign of Kudler’s inventory and ordering mechanisms.
Enhancement – as automation of the four key systems is implemented, adaptation and enhancement of new modules will be required.   Because retail markets are dynamic in nature, the ability to customize all aspects of Kudler’s accounting information systems is paramount.   Adaptation of Cougar Mountain’s software modules will be executed following a thorough analysis of automated system effectiveness.
Maintenance – as new modules are brought online, a regular schedule of maintenance will be put into operation.   Data integrity, security, efficiency, and speed of the AIS will be realized by maximizing a system of upkeep for both hardware and software components of the proposed upgrade.   An additional reduction in downtime will significantly impact...