Information Systems and Sotware Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications
Mike Johnston
May 5, 2010

The purpose of this paper is to explore the information systems and software applications available to firms for the various organizational departments such as finance, human resources, marketing, management, and accounting. This research will discuss several of the organizational departments listed to demonstrate better the application software and its function within the company.

Information Systems and Software Applications
    Information systems and software applications allow businesses to function more efficiently and to increase productivity. The volume of data collected and distributed by firms in this era of technology exceeds the capacity of old school filing cabinets and ledgers. Whether the company is a small family-owned operation, or a huge organization such as WalMart, there are appropriate information systems and software applications available to enhance the functions of all organizational departments.
    The three organizational departments researched in this paper are as follows:
• Accounting
• Marketing
• Human resources
    Accounting tasks include issues such as purchase orders, accounts receivable and payable, and various ledgers. Accounting software makes it easier to monitor and track the flow of funds in and out of the company. Appropriate software application streamlines tasks such as point of sales order entries and billing applications. Application software accurately tracks company finances and evaluates the firm’s needs.
    Intuit QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software applications for small business use. QuickBooks grew out of the Quicken personal finance software, which monitors individual outflow incoming funds by category.
    Microsoft Dynamics Nav (formerly Navison) is a software application used by many midsized to large firms. This is a versatile application that communicates...