B!S/219 Information Systems and Software Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications
The arrival of information systems in the workplace has changed the way the world does business.   One person and one computer can now do the work of many employees.   Big businesses now use this technology to help them collect, analyze, and circulate information, to make them more competitive.   Running these applications in Accounting, Human Resources, and   Marketing will allow these organizational departments to run more effectively.
A Human Resource (HR) application that is popular to use is called PeopleSoft.   It enables companies to manage employees globally, from one system, while still complying with all laws and regulations (2009).   This is especially useful to global companies with thousands of employees because their HR departments are located around the world and this will eliminate the time it may take to search for the information they need.   PeopleSoft records employee's benefits, pension, payroll, and stock allowances.   Other enterprise applications also have the ability to access this Information and link itself to PeopleSoft, such as Microsoft's Active Directory.   This makes changing an employee's contact information easier and quicker.
Marketing is the department that should be involved in hiring, advertising, and expansion.   Salesforce.com offers a customer relationship management (CRM) software named Salesforce (2010).   This application deals with the customer from start to finish.   It helps the company understand why, when, and how the customer interactions are happening.   The manager can then use this information to decide what type of marketing strategies were successful, customer complaints, and can also see feedback on salespeople.   Salesforce also can be incorporated into PeopleSoft to pull the marketing team's information.  
Accounting is used to track the money flow throughout a company.   Oracle also has an application called iProcurement.   This software combines with the other two systems;...