Running: Information Systems and Sofware Applications


Information Systems and Software Applications
Sean Davis
University of Phoenix

In today’s society it is almost a must that every business and house hold have a computer. Everything from running a business, buying a car, applying for a job, to doctor visits can be done on the computer, or as one would say online, and it is a must to know what type of information system that will be used, as well as, the software applications that will be needed whether it is for personal reasons or business reasons.
Computers can not do anything unless software tells it to. Computer hardware is by design and general purpose software allows a user to tell the computer system to do specific functions that provide business value.   Two major types of software are systems software and application software.
System software is a set of instructions that serves primarily as an intermediary
between computer hardware and application programs. Application software is a set of computer instructions that provide more specific functionality to a user.
In certain situations companies have made it where one can only apply for jobs or handle business online. Within all businesses there are processes that must be followed. This is why software is needed. Unlike the 1950’s modern day software use the concept of stored programs that are in the computer hardware. These programs include documentation that helps the user to operate the computer.  
An overview of systems and application of three organizational departments within a company are as followed:
Accounting department will need systems and applications for Accounts Payable,   Accounts Receivable ,Auditing , Bill of Materials , Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting, Cash Management,   General Ledger, Inventory Control   Job Cost
Microsoft Dynamics GP   Sage Accpac ERP   Microsoft Dynamics NAV   SAP Business One Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP   NetSuite   QuickBooks   Enterprise...