Information Systems and Software Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications

Kathleen Eatinger

BUS 219 – Intro to Business Information Systems

Professor Vivien E. Lewis

March 21, 2010

Information Systems and Software Application
    Information systems and software play an important role in companies today. They are used in every operational department from accounting to welding.
    Marketing software is any type of computer applications or programs that is used for marketing management. This software helps to create catalogs, maintain customer databases, and manage marketing projects (Marketing central, 1998 - 2009). Areas of work that are conducted in marketing departments or businesses where this software would be used would include:

      1. Customer and market analyzing. This would include historical trends, market research,
      price and sales reviews, competition, etc.                                                                                     2. Planning where time and money will be used for service and product sales increase. This
    would include the creation and review of market objectives for the release of new products,
    promotions, etc.
  3. Producing to the target market, promotions and offers. This would include producing the
      marketing materials (logos, brochures, emails, advertising, commercials, etc.                                               4. Measuring the results of these efforts. This would includes reports showing results of
    marketing efforts, return on marketing investments, customer response rates, etc.

    Accounting software are computer applications and programs that are used in accounting departments. Some applications are intended to be used by large corporations, performing more complex accounting functions while other applications are designed for personal use. Still other applications are designed for small businesses. They can be very simple or very complex with cost to vary the same. Accounting...