Information Systems and Software Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications
Jenessa Bishop
Bradley Hulce

Information Systems and Software Applications
    Corporations today use various forms of information systems to successfully run their businesses. A great percentage of those corporations rely heavily on PC technology and software applications. PC technology is the use of computers to carry out nearly all of business duties; these duties are fruitfully completed with the use of software applications; a designed computer program that allows users to perform a particular task. Three important divisions of a corporation that contribute to the triumph of a business are Human Resources, Accounting, and Marketing.
    Human Resource is a department that works with the employees in a company. Their role is to staff and operate an organization as well as deal with employee related services such as payroll, W-2's, badges, truancy, related work issues and injuries. The top-rated and award winning HR software available for businesses today is Halogen. Halogen is a world leader with over 1500 customers all-inclusive. Founded in 2001, Halogen provides commanding, affordable, and trouble-free software to improve HR and line-manager productivity. One of Halogen’s promising systems is one that links and tracks employee performance and learning, providing insight into important metrics between learning managers and HR leaders. Additionally, Halogen provides the means to align employee and organizational goals, to give employees richly-detailed performance appraisals, identify skill gaps, and assign targeted development plans to address them, and measure their effectiveness in terms of increased performance. More-so Halogen provides training applications and schedules for all employees (Halogen Software, 2010).
    Additionally, the Accounting department is a vital ingredient to overall successful. The accounting department handles audits and the finances of a business;...