Information Systems and Software

Information Systems and Software Applications
  University of Phoenix  
March 12, 2010
access from work or home. This online system is able to monitor and maintain records of attendance, payroll, retirement benefits, personal information, and emergency contacts. (Fresno County Office of Education, 2009).
Third, the management department’s role requires planning, direction, organization and control for it to set off and continue to grow. It is the role of management to perform such duties for the perpetual existence and increased productivity of the organization. A business must have goals and objectives, as well as the course of action that must be taken to achieve them. Management make this happen. They set goals and objectives for the business. At the same time, they plan on how they will achieve them, and offer guidelines to the rest of the team members. In order to maintain the goals and objectives they must utilize a information application or system to organize data. More productive management and smarter management decisions depend upon the quality and depth of information management develops and applies. The most difficult information to acquire and to organize has to do with people and their personalities and behaviors, their motivation, and their ability to adapt to changing workplace expectations and to the dynamics of change. Organizational Management System offers executive and management decision-makers comprehensive and wide-ranging insights into personality, behavior, and motivation that facilitate any organization’s management responsiveness and ability to compete (Free Management Library, 2010).
All medium to large organizations depend on Information technology for their continued survival. In the past information systems were developed simply to improve the efficiency of specific business functions. More recently information systems have been viewed as tools for obtaining competitive advantage. That is, it seeks to...