Information Systems and Software

Information Systems and Software Applications
Cindy Burdick
Linda Ballas
University of Phoenix
July 31, 2010

As a company or organization grows and expands its business the need for information technology grows also. With more business being conducted online, adding the potential for a much larger customer base, businesses are relying on information systems to streamline processes, and make the business of doing business more efficient. Three major areas of business in which this is needed are accounting, human resources, and all over business management.
Accounting information systems, or AISs, bring together the practice of accounting with the design, application, and monitoring of information systems. These systems utilize up to date information technology resources combined with acknowledged accounting methods to provide financial information needed to manage an organization (Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, n.d.). The software used in these systems automates the organizations financial functions between other areas such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing, and general ledger (Madison, 2010).
An information system for human resources allows companies to trace and examine information about applicants, employees, and former employees. These systems can be customized to fit the organizations specific needs, enabling employees to update their own benefits and change their addresses; a customized system frees HR staff to fulfill more organizational strategic functions. Managers may also access this information, allowing them effectively to support the employees who directly report to them (Heathfield, 2010).
One of the fastest growing trends in human resources is self service HR software (Foley, 2010). This software tracks company benefits, employee wages, vacation time, and allows employees to make request for time off without contacting HR. The benefits of using this software include improved efficiency, reduced...