Information Systems and Software Applications

Information systems and software applications
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Management information systems
BIS 219

Information systems and software applications
      Having the right technology is vital to having a successful business. Along with the technology is the software that is used. There are many software applications to choose from, many can be tailored to fit the needs of a company.   A single application may be good enough for a small business, but to be efficient each department should use software that is designed for specific uses. Three of these departments are human resources, accounting, and marketing. Each of these departments has specific goals and functions. Each requires different software applications to help them achieve their goals.
      Human Resource software allows Human resource departments to make hiring and employee management decisions (iCIMS, 2010). A commonly used program is iCIMS’ talent platform, a web-based application. Many companies have chosen to use this program, Continental Airlines, Whole Foods, and esurance are just a few of them. This program does not just track performance reviews and discipline of employees, it follows personnel from recruitment to retirement. Talent platform makes it easy to manage all recruitment, hiring, and employee management processes (iCIMS, 2010). This program is easy to use, it is flexible, and secure, all from a web browser.
      Having reliable software for a finance department is crucial to any business. Deacom’s web based accounting and enterprise resource planning system is a great program to use. Designed for use in mid to large business, helping to streamline the business processes maximizing productivity and profitability (deacom, 2010). This software integrates all areas of a business in one package. Not only does this program offer complete accounting and financial tools, it also includes inventory management, multi-currency, multi-company options, project...