Information Systems and Software Applications

Information Systems and Software Applications
University of Phoenix
Business Information Systems


Now day’s people’s life revolves around technology, and information systems.   Not only do they use them in their daily life but also almost every job relies on some type of information system.   There are many departments of the workplace that require a certain system to be used in order to organize and succeed in the business. Some of those departments that will be discussed in this paper are Human Resources, Marketing, and management.
First of all Human Resources plays a huge part in the work place in almost any type of business regardless of how small or big the business is. They usually take care of payroll, time keeping, benefits and any other employee issue. They have many computer-based information systems. For example they all have different software’s that are used individually to do different types of assignments. One can be for employees to be able to log in their time, another can keep track of payroll and direct deposit, and one to organize their database that they keep in file on the different benefits that each employee has.
Another department in the work place is marketing; this section concentrates on advertising, selling products, the main focus is to put themselves out in the market to succeed with their consumers. Their main system is networking, using Internet to communicate by email, to sell products or to even create banners, flyers whatever they need to advertise their business.   It also requires of databases, and special software’s that help facilitate their challenging job. In some cases they get other firms involved that have the same type of background like public relation firms, or even printing companies that can focus on
the advertisement side. Those departments use information systems as well, it is almost impossible to achieve this type of work with out it.
The last department discussed is...