Ilm Level 3 Coaching

Assignment 2
Undertaking coaching in the work place

Planning and organising coaching sessions

Outline of coaching session Case Study

It had been identified through the annual appraisal that Dave, who is a Heating engineer and a member of the team I manage, needs to improve on performance and has some operational issues. These involve taking ownership of his daily workload, improving performance and improving on his communications skills. There has been 10 sessions assigned to this coaching programme but this can be extended if mutually agreed. During the coaching programme Dave will have regular reviews with me to ascertain his progress. On completion of the programme there will be a de-briefing session to evaluate how far Dave has come in delivering the agreed objectives.  
Along this journey we shall be using Learning Logs or Learning Journals to allow Dave to evidence this own learning and skills development. I will also be using a reflective coaching log to evaluate the effectiveness of delivery during the sessions.

Prepare and plan coaching sessions

Below is an extract from my outlook calendar identifying the initial meetings that I have set up with Dave and the reoccurrence in the diary for the next 10 sessions?

Contract the scope and content of the coaching sessions
The coaching sessions will be completed and delivered using the agreed ground rules. There will be a contract in place which will be signed by all involved in the programme. The ground rules are illustrated below.
  * Explain purpose of contracting and show contract
  * Confidentiality – no disclosure unless under exceptional circumstances and agree level of information 3rd party can receive.
  * Ethics – as a coach adhere to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) ethical code.
  * Outline number of sessions
  * Attendance at sessions – cancellations
  * Note taking
  * Challenge
  * Feedback
  * Termination of contract
Here is a copy of the...