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The coaching and mentoring revolution – is it working?

the coaching and mentoring revolution – is it working?



Introduction Executive summary Coaching and mentoring for the finance professional So what are coaching, mentoring and the coaching culture? The objectives, costs and benefits of a coaching culture for finance professionals Coaching the finance professional – where are we today? The way forward Conclusion Appendix – the coaching and mentoring journey Research methodology Acknowledgements and bibliography ACCA Approved Employer About ACCA

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welcome to our insight series. we recognise the importance you place on having an opportunity to explore, reflect and plan for managing the impacts of current and anticipated challenges and opportunities.

Our Insight reports are intended to provide you with that ‘space’ and an insight into the key issues around the recruitment, retention and development of finance professionals. This instalment is based on a global survey of finance professionals who had previously registered an interest or involvement in coaching and mentoring as a professional development process. In this research we sought to answer the following questions. • What do we understand by coaching and mentoring, and is there anything unique about the finance profession and role that makes coaching and/or mentoring a particularly valuable development tool? • What are the objectives of coaching and mentoring programmes for finance professionals? • What is the business case for...