Human Resources Relations

Human Relations in Business is the study of the relationships between groups of people in an organization or business, or a system used for improving these relationships.
Productivity is the rate at which a company produces goods or services, usually judged in relation to the number of people and the time necessary to produce them. It is also the ability to do as much work as possible in a particular period.
Managing the quality of human relations impacts is a factor because because in order to have a business or any sort of organization you must focus on the human relations so it can achieve to became its best. For example you have two competing stores in the fashion world. Store A has a variety of clothes that are priced at a cheaper price, you walk in you are greeted and you do your independent shopping, at this point you have not made any connection with anyone at the store and when you ask for assistance they lack product knowledge and are not friendly or helpful, once on the fitting rooms if another size is needed you will not be attended. With all this you have lost all human relations with this company. We go on to store B across from store A and as soon as you walk in you sense a comfortable and friendly environment, however the clothes are high end and the prices reflect it, the quality is better than store A. You immediately build a relationship with the employee who allows you to feel appreciated and are more likely to make a purchase. At this point all your questions and needs are successfully obtained. Store B has now gained a customer because of the relations they put effort to build.