“Microsoft Corporation – Best Practices in Human Resource Management and the International Committee of the Red Cross – Managing Across Cultures - a Review”

“Microsoft Corporation – Best Practices in Human Resource Management and The International Committee of the Red Cross – Managing across Cultures - A review”

Microsoft Corporation:
The William Gates and Paul Allen founded organization “MICROSOFT”   as we all know, is now been announced as the #1 at the Workforce diversity   in Readers’ choice 2013; Top LGBT Company by work life matters magazine 2013 and been a Top 500 fortune company lately and improving so on. These achievements make it worthwhile to review the Human Resource Management practices of the Company and get a clear, insightful understanding of the Business and Human Resource Management strategies adopted by the Organization.
International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC):
The Swiss International, a Non-governmental Organization and an indispensable player of humanitarian aid “The International Committee of Red Cross”.   The Geneva based global organization which is far different in every possible aspect from Microsoft and other organizations but still has Human resource related similarities. ICRC is one of the world's largest private relief systems for conflict situations and yet despite its very important role, operations remain mysterious and secretive.
Mission of Case Study:
This piece of research and review would be highlighting on the HR similarities and differences, reliability and validity of HR practices, competency and diversity based resourcing policies and current trends thereof, for these two Organizations.
Human Resource Practices:
“The best team of software professionals the world has ever seen,” as CEO Bill Gates liked to boast.
Mattacks (2009, p.130) suggested that Microsoft is a great reflection of co-founder Bill Gates. His distinctive features are described as personally competitive and highly disciplined. Those are the same characteristics which are used to describe the software giant. Tobin and Franze (2005, p.150) explained that a flat structured...