Human Resources and Payroll Systems

Human Resources and Payroll Systems

The enterprise system that will be used for HR and Finance are the retailer went

live with a human-resources solution from PeopleSoft and a finance package from SAP.

The PeopleSoft System will be used as a self service system with the Human Resource

Management Team residing at the main store.   This model has worked for other Home

Construction Stores and will be used in the Acme Construction store in Mexico.   There

are other systems that would be cheaper, however due to the multilingual workforce we

will use PeopleSoft self service solutions.   There will be three HR generalists (DHRMs) on site reporting to an HR Manager at the Company Headquarters. The generalists each carry responsibility for a function—staffing and development, associate relations, and performance management.   These HR generalists will not have to deal with transactional issues as the employees will use the PeopleSoft self service module with an 800 help desk number.   This HR model is starting to be adopted more and more for larger companies including ones with a multinational workforce.
Each employee and supervisor will receive a PeopleSoft self service training course consisting of four hours that will teach them how to best utilize the system and manage their career and the career of their subordinates.   The package will include applications for personnel actions regarding career and training changes, performance management systems for self reporting and for performance planning and implementation.
There will also be a recruiting and retention requirement for the PeopleSoft application.   Potential employees will be able to apply for opportunities through a portal into the enterprise that is closely associated and dependent upon the PeopleSoft applications.   Once the applications are received the HR generalists will be able to utilize this for best hiring practices.   Tailoring may be required due to multi-lingual workforce.   The...