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My report begins with the background, definition and qualified roles of an Estate Agent and an Estate Agency. It is important to go further with an explanation of some of the theories used by different commentators such as Abraham Maslow and Herzberg, of the meaning and factors of Motivation especially in an organisation or a working environment. The Qualities of an Agent, its definition and the role of a leader or manager is clearly elaborated in this essay.
An Estate Agency, by law, is a unique form of selling or renting a property, an agent is simply a representative of a property but not the actual owner. An Agent/Agency can simply be defined as a business or person that deals with the selling, renting, or management of homes, lands and other buildings, although an agent that specialises in renting is also called a Letting Agent.
The main essential skills of an estate agent, is having the qualities of a good communication skill. An estate agency is a business that deals with communicating with people everyday such as potential buyers and sellers, solicitors of which have to be communicated with effectively. They aim at giving customers an appropriate advice on properties to choose and also enables them have a discount on properties as opposed to an individual approaching the company itself without going through an agent.
The task of an Estate Agent involves Negotiation and Valuation.
Negotiation: This involves pitching the right speech to the individual interested in the property and making them realise and understand the difference between going through your market than the market of others.
Valuation: This deals with the comparison between property condition within the market in the area and making the right choice.
Estate Agents...