Human Resources


Human Resource Roles and Responsibilities
La Thresiea Smith
University of Phoenix
Human Resource Management
MGT 431
Joe Ferrado
December 14, 2009

Human Resource Roles and Responsibilities
      Organizations tend to focus on the departments that generate the company’s revenue and capital gains in the market.   Human Resources Department contributes much of that gain with the skills the department possesses.   “The human resources department is an essential element of and organization’s success (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2007, p. 2).”   This department helps maintain and builds stable teams for the organization.   The human resource is the department that keeps the employees and stakeholders satisfied, motivated, and productive at work.   This department has many strategies and practices that influence other departments of the organization.
Human Resources
      Human resources can be defined into simple terms and broken into different elements that makes up what human resource are.   A general definition of human resources can be defined in simple terms with a broad scope of understanding.
      “Scarcest and most crucial productive resource that creates the largest and longest lasting advantage for an organization.   It resides in the knowledge, skills, motivation of people, is the least mobile of the four factors of production, and (under right conditions) learns and grows better with age and experience which no other resource can ( business).”
      For an organization to be more productive the human resources department must be successful in many areas of the business.   Polices, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and the performance of the employees are the practices that human resources are trained to be knowledgeable in.   The skills that human resources develop and practice are skills that passed to leaders of the organization to influence the...