Human Growth

Psych 280- Human Growth and Development                                


Week 3

Each question is worth 2 points each for a total of 10 points.

  1. Discuss emotional and personality development during middle childhood.

  a) Emotional drives are quiet and unconscious sexual conflicts are submerged. Children acquire cognitive skills and assimilate culture values by expanding their world include teachers, neighbors, peers, club leaders, and coaches Sexual energy is channeled into social concerns. A few development during middle childhood are:
  b) Children are more likely to have specific chores to perform at home.
  c) Children use media (TV, computers, video games) without adult supervision.
  d) Children strive for more independence from parents.
  e) Children are less often punished physically, more often with disapproval or withdrawal of privileges.
  f) Children are more likely to have a weekly allowance.
  g) Children are expected to tell time, and they have set times for various activities.

  2. Many physical changes occur during the period of adolescence.   Discuss   at
Least three (3) specific changes that occur in the area of physical development.
  a) Puberty is the first stage of the many changes that occur during adolescence. According to, puberty is "the condition of being or the period of becoming first capable of reproduction." For men this means having your first nocturnal emission, or ejaculation. It means the testes and male reproductive organs begin to work. In women, the first sign is menarche, or first menstruation. These new bodily functions are due to the large amounts of hormones in the adolescent body.
  b)   Pubic Hair One of the many secondary sex characteristics that occur during the developmental stages of adolescence is pubic hair. The word pubic is directly related to the term puberty thus explaining when the hair begins to grow and in what region of the body. The...