Human Growth

Case Study

Nursing is a profession that is based on caring and in order to provide quality care the nurses must understand each client’s situation. This paper will focus on an 86-year-old client, and the nurses’ skills, roles, ethical issues and options available regarding his care.  
Mr. Johndor is an 86-year-old resident of a long term care facility who was transferred to an acute care facility after having a cerebral vascular accident which left him paralyzed on his left side of the body. He also had two grown up daughters who where involved in looking after him including registered nurse who has been caring for him and has been able to talk to him about his present condition. Anyhow, after tests were done it was determined that Mr. Johndor’s ability to swallow was very poor and the Speech-Language Pathologist concluded that it was not safe for Mr. Johndor to take in oral food and suggested that other methods of feeding be discussed with Mr. Johndor. At the time of admission, Mr. Johndor was able to communicate with the nurse and it was believed that he could still make decisions for himself.   Mr. Johndor’s physician discussed with him feeding options they had and a temporary tube was inserted while they were waiting to reassess him.
After reassessing it was determined that there was no change and the physician suggested that Mr. Johndor might consider a permanent percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy (PEG) tube for he was at risk of aspirating, developing pneumonia and consequently dying if he continued orally taking his food. Mr. Johndor told the nurse that was working with him that he had had a good life, and was not afraid of dying, and wanted to enjoy food for it was one of the few pleasures he still had, so he was willing to take the risk and his young daughter who was looking after him all along, supported the decision.   However, after Mr. Johndor spend some time with both his daughters, and the younger daughter informed the physician that her...