Steroids in Sports

Steroids in Sports:
A Rising Epidemic for All Ages
Josh Reyes
Oakland University

Many have claimed that the United States is a “juiced nation, a nation on dope, and a nation looking for enhancement.” We say this because in sports, professional athletes inject human growth hormones and testosterone into their bodies to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Dr. Mark Gordon, one of 20,000 members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, cites a 2004 study that found that more than $1 billion was spent annually on legal Human Growth Hormones, also known as HGH (McCallum, J. The Real Dope). The Mayo Clinic reports that 2.4 million testosterone prescriptions were filled by U.S. pharmacies in 2004, more than twice the number filled in 2000 (McCallum, J. The Real Dope). Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are becoming a serious problem in professional sports as well. In order to stop the use of these drugs, the federal Government should take more charge seeing as all of these drugs are illegal in the first place. Another approach that the MLB, NFL, NBA, etc. could take to abolish steroids and other drugs from the game could be increasing times of suspension or even skip straight to expulsion. Also, since we know athletes love their money so much, maybe there could be a way to implement a clause in a player’s contract stating that if they get caught using a banned substance then their contract can be terminated and the money they earned under their current contract would have to be repaid.
Mayo also estimates that three million people in the U.S. use anabolic steroids, the synthetic versions of testosterone that are illegal when they are used for non-medical reasons such as building an impressive physique and increasing endurance for training. Anabolic steroids are also the most popular steroid available for consumption around world. Anabolic steroids are growth hormones, mainly male sex growth hormones such as testosterone, which...