Hsm 240 Final Project

Final Project Creating a Social Program

August 7, 2011
Shelley Johnson

Final Project Creating a Social Program
A New Beginning, Inc. specializes in helping individuals find new beginnings within Skagit County. From job training to education and beyond A New Beginning helps people start over at a time when most have hit rock bottom and the person believes opportunities have stopped. Working with corporations and larger employers to hire and train individuals is one of A New Beginning’s purposes. A New Beginning helps people tackle the day-to-day challenges in finding employment, during training of a new job, the stress of starting over, family issues that arise during the loss of a job, and trying to find a new one.
A New Beginning, Inc. works with different non-profits in Skagit County to help the clients keep going, lessening stress when possible. Working with the client from beginning to end is one area A New Beginning specializes. The mission statement for A New Beginning is simple. The goals and objectives constantly change as A New Beginning obtains one goal and reach for a new one. As the objectives alter or grow A New Beginning learns new or better approaches to current objectives.
One area A New Beginning recently found lacking in the job market is employer’s unwillingness to hire an ex-felon. In Washington State as it is in many states, it is the law to report on all job applications if a person has committed a felony. If the persons honest and marks the application as an ex-felon the client normally does not receive a callback. A New Beginning, Inc. currently does not have the extra time and resources needed to pursue jobs for ex-felons in the way A New Beginning believes will work for obtaining employment.
Further investigation into other organizations helping ex-felons obtain employment showed a significant issue. The persons or caseworkers the ex-felons went to for help did not help them find work, but sent them out unprepared to...