Hsm 240 Final Week 9

National Youth Gang Prevention and Intervention
      For centuries, this country has witnessed the increasing rate of violence associated with youth gangs. Youth gang activity is increased by behavioral problems, racial disparities, lack of parental involvement and negative peer influence. Additionally, lack of social support and low self-esteem has resulted in extensive gang involvement among youth. Many minority neighborhoods are in urgent need of comprehensive campaigns to identify the extent and nature of the problem. The deficiency of gang prevention programs has resulted in widespread gang involvement and has become a national problem.   The National Youth Gang Intervention Program will assess the problems leading to youth gang involvement and provide various levels of prevention and intervention through individual and family counseling, school-based seminars and supervision in addition to other benefits and services to the youth and their families.
      Communities must come together and identify the cause of youth gang involvement. Societies must mobilize and suppress gangs and gang-related crimes. The time has come for communities to identify the root cause of the problem and provide the necessary treatment to prevent youth from joining gangs. The National Youth Gang Intervention Program will intervene with gang-involved youth and provide them with the opportunity to improve themselves and be productive members of society.

      Since the beginning of human existence, secret societies such as gangs have served as a means of protection for many individuals.   Although gang involvement was once considered an inner-city plague, the astronomical prevalence of youth gang involvement has become a problem throughout most of the United States. The increase of youth gangs in the past 30 years has fueled society‚Äôs fear and raised possible misconceptions about youth gangs (U.S Department of Justice: Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1998). Accordingly, the...