Hsm 240 Final

Final Project
The social policy that is being discussed in my community that I would like to create is a soup kitchen, this would be, if there is any one in our county or community that is in need of food they would have a place to come to get a hot meal. This is what I want to offer my community/county in eastern Texas called Cass County.
A soup kitchen or a meal center is a place where food is offered to the hungry for free. Frequently located in lower-income neighborhoods, they are often staffed by volunteer organizations, such as church groups or community groups. Soup kitchens sometimes obtain food from a food bank for free or at a low price, because they are considered a charity.
The problem at hand is that there are hungry people in our community, I feel that we need to have a place for families or individuals to come that are in need of food and or just a meal. Whether it is a whole family or just an individual that just can’t make it through the week till pay day and needs food to get buy. I want to offer them what they need to get buy till pay day or other human services information they may need to supplement their income or food. This is not just an issue here it also happens all over the world just as in Pennsylvania. "It is vital that the people of southwestern Pennsylvania understand the scope of the hunger problem, which is also a major health issue for our region," said Diane P. Holder, president of UPMC Health Plan, a lead sponsor of the initiative. "By creating greater public awareness of the suffering which results from daily hunger and malnutrition experienced by thousands of our community's children, senior citizens, and working families, we will be able to more effectively focus our energies and resources to further reduce and ultimately eliminate hunger across our region."
In order to stop hunger it starts at home, what I mean by home is your neighbor, your community or your county. We should all begin there with empathy: The economic...