Hsm 230 Capstone

Week Nine Checkpoint:   Capstone
HSM 230
Due Date July 28, 2011

Drug testing legislation signed into effect in the State of Florida that requires individuals who are submitting applications for assistance now will be required to take a drug screen test, CNN Politics (2011).   Ethical issues that can and will occur as a result are many families already struggle, with this policy in place those in need are expected to pay out of pocket for the screening the issue with this is that if a family or individual is looking to seek public assistance then the expectation that he or she is able to pay for testing is taking away from the nothing that they already have even if there is the promise that funds will be returned when or if they receive assistance clearly through this type of legislation there is no guarantee.
Because so many who are in need of assistance suffer from a multitude of problems many being mental and physical the strong possibility is existent that a large majority seeking help will inevitably be connected to some type of substance abuse problem.   To discriminate so blatantly against a specific group within the population instead of creating preventative solutions or better corrective solutions is an outrage.   Then of course the issue of the right to privacy is being violated because if an individual test positive in order to receive the necessary help they must then enlist the assistance of another individual to receive and distribute their funds.   As an organizational leader I would seek to find supporters and lobby by speaking up and out to government against this legislation.  
Human Services is in part about being a voice for those in need a cause of this nature is one that we should stand together, speak loudly to bring about change.

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