Hsm/230 Week 9 Final Capstone

Descibed an emerging issue or a controvercy in the field of human services would be more controversy. We should ask why controversy because they are issues from the health care act to the family planning agencies. I think that the health care act is very controversal because many people have diffrent opinion how it is being handle and manage by either local, State or Federal agencies. Some of these agencies are not meeting the clients expectation/\. Some of the agencies don’t have the necessary training to provide the service. Most of the Americans that depend on health care, they sometimes don’t qualify for the services and would have to pay out of pocket. Many are very ill and can’t   work. In the other hand family planing is a great service that these agencies provide. Once again I had a bad experience going to one of these facilities, I say it was a horrible experience because I had a to get a mirena and it was the most painful thing I had ever expirience because the person that was doing the procedure was not certified and had no clue what she was doing. I would say that she was an intern. I think the should have more training and provide more information about the procedure. I every agency training should be provided before doing on hand work. I really think that they provide great help but with negative side too. I do think that if there is an issue they should handle and if they can’t handle maybe look for outside guidance to resolve this issue. But without the clients feedback they can’t make any changes.