Sci/230 Capstone

Week#9- Capstone Checkpoint
Helene Garcia
Duygen Nguyen


I believe that everybody requires accepting a dynamic part in preserving those regions that are threatened by human encroachment. It might not be displaying obvious results in your area right now however it will ultimately; our natural sources as well as the regions they live in are in restricted supply. According to the article, Preserving Paradise, written by Chris Redman; it states, “Like Madagascar's rain forests, the country's National Forest Seed Bank (SNGF) in Antananarivo looks to be losing the battle against human encroachment. Engulfed by the capital's urban sprawl, the SNGF's small, scruffy patch of land has row upon row of seedlings, some of them species facing extinction in the wild. They seem too delicate to make it through the furious tropical storms common in the island's November-to-April rainy season”. (Redman, 2012)   After we have utilized every one of them they will never be once more in case steps aren't undertaken to protect them. This is also true about the environments as well as biology of our globe. The one thing that appears to be thriving on the planet is mankind so we are the people triggering all the devastation. The unfortunate reality is that we are the sole types on our globe having the brain capability to understand what we are performing, know the effects and have the capability to correct it.

I don't think that the benefits of rivaling groups must be balanced in case it could be verified that a group's interests are producing damage by any means to our world. In case damage is an outcome in that case that group's activities must stop. A large number of group’s interests are in taking advantage of a source to get cash in their wallets. As these sources are in a restricted supply, when they have been consumed and run out, what will these groups carry out after that? In many instances they go to another source. The instance of exploration...