Building an Ethical Organization


Corrine Marshall

HSM / 230

April 17, 2012

Instructor Cyndi Cucuzza

Phoenix Online College

Building an Ethical Organizational Part II

      I have just been appointed the new director of an organization that will provide services for young girls that have become pregnant from peer pressure, abuse, neglect, and unwanted pregnancies that plague our community.   We will provide education and resources for all young girls who would like to be educated on sex and relationships.   The center is mainly for the pregnant teens that have dropped out of school and want to continue their education.

      CMC Youth Center is developed as a non-profit organization dedicated to the young girls’ ages 13 to 18 in our local community.   Pregnancy among our young girls is a highly sensitive situation that strikes our young from abuse, neglect, and unprotected sex.   We can help these girls with education, awareness, and support from the community and the center that has been created.

      The first service we offer to these young girls is a stable and safe environment. They will meet with other girls in a school like setting who are in similar situations.   There will be rules and regulations that each individual must abide by in order to stay in this program.   The only requirement for this program is that they must sign a contract agreeing to adhere to the rules and regulations and of course, they must be expecting.   They must also take advantage of all the services provided to them during their stay.

      The second services we will provide to these young girls are a chance to complete their schooling through G.E.D courses.   They must report to class on the scheduled days and continue to obtain the grades put into place by the state in order to complete the program.   After they have completed their G.E.D courses they have the option to receive additional...