Building an Ethical Organization

Assignment: Building an Ethical Organization
Axia College
Due Date: 9-24-11

The organization where I have been appointed director is called Children Advocate Agency. This human service organization provides help to children. When a child is abused, neglected, or anything where it hurts the child physically or mentally we are there to help them anyway we can. If we receive a phone call about a situation like this we go to their house. The first thing we do is ask questions separately from the adults and the children then we would check around the house and make sure they have a place to sleep and make sure there is food, water, and electric. If the home seems to not have any of these then we will find a home for the child to stay at. Also, we offer emotional support for the children and they can come to our building and talk with us or other children in the same situation. This organization is a non-profit organization because we do not care if we get paid or not we just want to help as many children as we can.
The mission statement for the Children Advocate Agency is; We work hard at what we do to help all the children in a devastating situation come out of it, if a child needs taken out of a home we will do this as fast as we can and offer them emotional support and listen to what they have to say, we will also show them that we care and that we will always be there as long as they need us. This mission statement supports the ethical system. It supports it by knowing what is wrong from right by helping a child. We also will not turn down any child because of their sex, age, race, or religion, by doing this we are being ethical. We are dedicated to our work and will face any challenges that come our way. Also we will communicate in an ethical way and respect the privacy of their situation. Our mission statement send a big message to the community because it lets them know that there are people still out there that wants and will help the children...