Selecting a Project Team

Selecting a Project Team
Joseph E. Parker Jr.
Colorado Technical University Online
Instructor: H. Wegwerth
January 11, 2011

Selecting a Project Team
My manager has made me his selection to fill the position of Project Manager for the implementation for LRH Manufacturing’s new training program. My focus now will be to organize a strong project team to help me in coordinating and put into operation this training plan. The Marketing Department is willing to assign Jonathan to the project team, being that he has a high level of competence in the subject matter at hand, as well as the availability to commit his time and efforts to. I will have to approach Jonathan with a sensitive and tactful way seeing that he has a reputation of rebelling against the grain, in regards to business operations and bureaucratic procedures that will need to be followed. In keeping Jonathan aligned to the project objectives and goals, I have formulated a reflective analysis on ways I will keep his interests and attention on his responsibilities to the project.
I have learned, through academics and past experiences, humans have a basic need for approval, especially from their leaders (Lewis, 2003, p. 54). Keeping this general rule in mind, I will show a sincere and positive confirmation to Jonathan’s and all the team member’s accomplishments and hard work toward the project objectives and goals. Positive reinforcement will always be a mainstay in my managerial approach to motivating my team members.
I have also decided that in leading this project team, I want to make sure that the team feels included in all aspects of the project plan. Inclusion will aid the team in gaining a sense of belonging. I genuinely feel that this sense of belonging will give the team, especially Jonathan, a boost in pride and quality of work performed knowing that they are appreciated for their contributions to the project.
In deciding what tasks will each member be assigned to I will...