Hr and Humn Behavioral Study

Introduction 2

Terms of Reference 2

Method of Procedure 2

Findings 3

Recruitment and Selection 3

Behavioural Theory 9

F.W Taylor 9

Maslow –Hierarchy of Needs 10

McClelland – Acquired Needs Theory 12

McGregor – Theory X, Theory Y 13

Recruitment & Selection in VEC 14

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Name: Dileta Tamoniene

Award Title & Code:

Work Placement Job Title: Student

Place of work: Ballsbridge College of Further Education

Branch/Section/Department: TEFL course

Terms of Reference

This Report is part of Business Advanced Management course program in Ballsbridge College.   My Business Management teacher, Karen Aberteen, gave the brief for this report in class with all requirements.

Method of Procedure

While writing this report, I used information from the notes, which my Business Management teacher, Karen Aberteen, handed in the class.   Also I used information, which I founded on the Internet and from the talks with Ballsbridge College Teachers.


Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection of skilled and effective work force is a one of the most important functions of HR Department.   Poor recruitment choices can have a range of undesirable consequences for the worker or for the organisation:

    • Reduced performance in the workplace

    • Lowered job satisfaction

    • Reduced work motivation

There are three main stages in developing an effective recruitment process:

    • Defining requirements

Preparing up-to-date job descriptions with job title, location of the job, duties required for the post and any other special features which might be needed in order to get this job.

Preparing the knowledge, skills and abilities required to fill this post.

All the terms and conditions of the employment need to be decided as well.

A job description is a basis for a person specification.   The person specification...