The Mediating Role of Ems Teamwork as It Pertains to Hr Factors and Perceived Environmental Performance

Journal of Applied Business Research – First Quarter 2007

Volume 23, Number 1

The Mediating Role Of EMS Teamwork As It Pertains To HR Factors And Perceived Environmental Performance
Bonnie F. Daily, New Mexico State University James W. Bishop, New Mexico State University Robert Steiner, New Mexico State University

ABSTRACT Little management theory or empirical results exist to guide managers in maximizing employee efforts to successfully implement Environmental Management Systems (EMS). In response, this study examines the relationship among Human Resource (HR) factors and employee perceptions of environmental performance. Four hundred thirty-seven (437) employees were surveyed in an organization with a well-developed EMS program and ISO 14001 certification. Results suggest that management support for EMS, EMS training, employee empowerment, and EMS rewards are related to perceived environmental performance. Furthermore, EMS teamwork plays a mediating role between some of independent variables and perceived environmental performance. Finally, implications for managers are discussed.



raditionally, many U.S. corporations have used the compliance approach in their environmental programs; as a result, their environmental strategies were driven by laws and regulations. However, in the past several years, environmental forces such as consumer boycotts, dynamic preferences, new customer requirements, and global environmental conventions have affected basic business strategies as well as corporate core values (Berry & Rondinelli, 1998; Bhushan & MacKenzie, 1994; Klassen & Angell, 1998; Klassen & Whybark, 1999). Consequently, organizations are evolving from a pollution control strategy to a prevention strategy (Brockhoff, Chakrabarti & Kirchgeorg, 1999; Chen, Hergeth, & Zuckerman, 2002; Kitazawa & Sarkis, 2000; Klassen, 2001; Hart, 1997; Porter & van der Linde, 1995). To achieve this evolution, many companies seek to develop and deploy a...