How You Came to Be Who You Are Today

How you came to be who you are
Have you ever took the time to think of what influences as a child made you who you are as an adult today. As a child our subconscious mind can be greatly influenced by what we encounter as we grow and learn. Whether it is our siblings, peers, teachers, or parents that we learn our own values from we learn to accept them as children. With this in mind why do these values at such a young age seem to have such an impact on us as adults?
This is because our childhood influences are stepping stones to our common beliefs of what we perceive in our mind through behavioral conditioning and in later life, when we encounter new information it is then compared to beliefs that we had learned previously at a younger age. For example, a father may influence their children's views about fatherhood through his example displayed around the children. If that father displays love and care towards their children then the children are likely to take on this behavior when they have their own children, because they are hard wired to act that way because it is the only way they know how too. Parents however are not the only influences of our early beliefs, teachers may also be very influential as well. For example, if a teacher repeatedly tells a student that he is stupid and will never be a productive individual, they are now likely to believe this   and have issues with self esteem later in life.
However it is possible that our values can be changed if new information gathered goes against
our original values. For example, if the student with the low self esteem was then told repeatedly that they are a very good student, which might raise the student's self esteem. This shows that we can change our values into adulthood, but depends on how well the new information is interpreted. If it turns out this new information gathered though is less reliable, we may in turn reject it and revert back to our childhood values. The problem is that the new...