Obama's Healthcare Reform

The Pursuit of Liberty and Happiness
Healthcare Reform
The Obama-Biden Health Care Plan
Sharon Young
Unit 4 Assignment

      In the past, many democratic leaders have continuously pursued liberty and happiness for all Americans when it came to health care in America.   Today, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have successfully put a plan together that will strengthen employer-based coverage, make insurance companies more accountable and to make sure all patients can make doctor choices without government interference.   The democratic team, lead by President Obama, tried to present a plan that will benefit everyone without the threat of higher premium costs while receiving quality health care.   Nothing changes if people like their current insurance plan except for the decrease in their cost per year.   If people do not like their current health care plan, then they will have their freedom of choice in affordable health insurance options.
      In the last 8 years, health insurance premiums doubled, rising faster than wages with increasing co-pays and deductibles that prevented many folks to go without health insurance.[i]   Compounding issues created huge flaws in the health care system such as plans limiting doctor visits or hospital coverage, exposing families to unlimited financial liability causing an increase in bankruptcies in the United States[ii], medical errors causing deaths in hospitals and creating uncontrollable and needless medical spending within the system that increased consumer costs.[iii]
      Barack and Biden believed that the current health system in which they inherited must be redesigned to reduce inefficiencies and waste and to improve the overall quality of health care.   The Obama-Biden plan was developed to reduce costs, improve health information technology, and ensure all patients receive quality care to prevent and manage diseases and to offer federal assistance to employers that will help them...