Cedar Hill Cultural Field Report

Cedar Hill Cultural Field Experience Report
    Driving through Cedar Hill, Texas, the natural beauty of the highest elevation in Dallas County, and also one of the most untouched places in the metroplex, is easily recognizable. The diverse cultural landscape of Cedar Hill is also easily recognizable, from the wealthy, new neighborhoods of Lake Ridge, to the poverty stricken areas around the downtown area. Cedar Hill is undergoing a big transformation in its cultural landscape through sequent occupance, as changes in the population composition and economics of the city occur. Cedar Hill is transitioning from a small quiet community, to a booming suburb.
    Cedar Hill has undergone many changes in its cultural landscape in the past decade, and this is evident by glancing at the population composition of the area. The African American and Hispanic population of Cedar Hill has surged in the past ten years, while the White population has greatly declined. The percentage of young children in the population has greatly risen, as families are moving to Cedar Hill for the favorable public education system. Cedar Hill was hit very hard by the economic depression a couple of years ago, and this is evident by the high unemployment rate in the area; however, with the new extremely wealthy neighborhoods of Lake Ridge, the tourism from Cedar Hill State Park, and new shopping centers like Uptown Village popping up, money is being pumped into the city, and things are beginning to look pretty good for Cedar Hill.
    Southern Baptist churches are very common in the Cedar Hill area, and with the Hispanic population rising so quickly, Catholic churches are springing up too. Restaurants like Babe’s Chicken reflect the African American population’s influence on Cedar Hill, which has nearly doubled since 2000.There is a great division with the population composition of Cedar Hill, with the African American and Hispanic population mainly being found in the poor areas around the...